Oratory Authority meetings at 33 Arch Street

This information is as of December, 2005. Check our club listing on the Toastmasters International web site for changes.

January through October we meet on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. In November and December we switch to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, since 4th Wednesdays those months are near holidays.

The meeting will start at 12:05. Unless a non-automatic message states otherwise, we'll be at our usual location, 33 Arch Street on the 17th floor.

Visitors are always welcome. Please send email to oratory-authority-owner@yahoogroups.com if you are a first-time visitor or haven't visited in a while. We will add your name to the visitor list to be allowed into the building. Please note that we don't eat during the meeting.

  1. Go to 33 Arch St (between Milk St and Franklin St) across from the Elephant and Castle Pub.
  2. Give an ID to the guard at the desk on your left. You will be given a visitor badge and directed to another desk where you will be allowed through gates into the elevator lobby.
  3. Take the elevators to the 17th floor. You'll see the Digitas reception desk. The receptionist can direct you to the correct conference room, which may vary from meeting to meeting.