Sign-Up Sheet 2003-05-14

Note: If you are not an Oratory Authority member and would like to sign up for a role at this meeting, please contact the TMOD first.

TMOD name: Speaker 1:
TMOD e-mail: Evaluator 1:
Topicmaster: Speaker 2:
Grammarian: Evaluator 2:
Thought for the Day: Timer:
General Evaluator: Other Business:

If you are signing up as Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD), please do the following:

  1. Bring this sign-up sheet with you from this meeting.
  2. Key handwritten names into the on-line sign-up sheets at
  3. If the two meetings following yours have not been created at the above site, create them.
  4. You will get e-mail notices if people sign up on-line.
  5. Bring to your meeting ten copies of the agenda from the above site.
  6. Bring to your meeting one copy of each sign-up sheet for the next two meetings.

The above process will minimize your work as TMOD, since the agenda will be automatically generated and people can sign up on-line. If something comes up at the last minute that prevents you from being TMOD, the above process will make it easier for someone else to fill in.