Oratory Authority
Toastmasters Meeting

October 17, 2001

Toastmaster of the Day: Bruce Lewis 5 minutes
Word of the Day: Steve Gold 1 minute
Thought for the Day: Dennis Toomey 1-2 minutes
Speech #7: "The Story of Iron John" Steve Gold 5-7 minutes
Speech #1: Icebreaker Jeff Zinn 4-6 minutes
Topicmaster: Nathaniel Stevens
Responses 1-2 minutes each
Evaluation for Steve Gold TBA 2-3 minutes
Evaluation for Jeff Zinn TBA 2-3 minutes
Grammarian Report: Steve Gold 2-3 minutes
Timer Report: Dana Christensen 2-3 minutes
Other Business: dues, officers Bruce Lewis 2-3 minutes
General Evaluator: Ruth Levitsky 2-3 minutes

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 7 at 12:05 p.m.