1. have you ever fixed something...
    a. in your home?
    b. in someone else's home (without pay)?
    c. with a milk carton or jug?
  2. have you ever re-used...
    a. wire?
    b. string?
    c. something you found along a roadside?
  3. when confronted with a public toilet or toilet-paper dispenser which is malfunctioning or misconfigured in some way, have you ever...
    a. diagnosed the problem?
    b. fixed it?
    c. ...with material or tools you had with you?
  4. have you ever encountered...
    a. management displeasure
    b. because you don't boast enough
    c. or because your standards of integrity are higher than theirs?
  5. have you ever...
    a. run a group discussion?
    b. with an easel?
    c. or a talking rock?
  6. hove you ever...
    a. used the word "special"
    b. as a compliment
    c. for something not very mainstream?
  7. have you ever...
    a. invited an odd number of friends over
    b. for tea
    c. with lots of Chinese art and/or photos around?
  8. do you take pride in...
    a. finding resource-sparing solutions
    b. in ways that do not require help from others
    c. using materials you already possess?
  9. have you ever taken...
    a. a stand for human rights and human dignity
    b. at some cost and inconvenience to yourself
    c. even days before a major family event such as a wedding?

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